Motivating Teenage Learners

11.02.2015 Астана уақытымен 21.00 

11.02.2015 Астана уақытымен 22.00

Who is it for?

This webinar is free to attend and aimed at English language teachers and professionals of all levels. 


Join Beyond author Rebecca Robb Benne for a webinar all about motivating your teenage students. 

Eventbrite - Motivating Teenage Learners - Rebecca Robb Benne 

Motivating Teenage Learners – Rebecca Robb Benne

Teenagers are wonderful students to teach – they’re creative, passionate and full of curiosity. However, they can sometimes be indifferent or unresponsive in the classroom. So how can we spark teenagers’ interest and encourage them to invest in 

1. Who is it for?

This webinar is for teachers of lower secondary students who would like to get their students participating more in the classroom. 

2. What will I learn?

You’ll get ideas about how to … 

- use student-generated content such as photos, video clips, soundscapes and infographics 

- get students thinking using puzzles and quizzes, information gaps and critical interpretation of visuals 

- change the pace and add variety with stories, cinematic listening, poems and songs 

3. Which Macmillan Education materials or resources would it be useful to look at before or after the event? 

4. Any questions?

Is there something specific you would like to ask the speaker to cover in the webinar? Submit your questions to