The Why, What and How of effective implementation of digital technology in ELT


Начало сессии в 15:30 по московскому времени 31 января 2019 года.

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This talk will present a relatively simple framework to help teachers and managers choose and use digital technology more effectively. As the ‘What’ of technology becomes ever more varied, with new software and hardware, websites and courses appearing all the time, so it becomes ever more necessary to have a way of establishing a focus for your selection of digital technology and for your training in the use of that tech. As such, this talk starts by examining the ‘Why’, looking to help you identify the main reasons for your use of technology. It then moves on to explore the importance of ‘How’ technology is used, and what training is given in the use. It finally provides examples of ‘What’ technology may be useful in terms of different ‘Whys’ i.e. different reasons for using technology.

Tony Prince is Academic Director for Tertiary Education at NILE. His experience in providing academic support has included developing a content integrated Presessional programme for students at the University of East Anglia, as well as Departmental Insessional support across the University.

Digital Technology for Exams

Новый проект издательства Макмиллан, в которое гуру ICT покажут и расскажут, почему и как современные технологии помогают преподавателю и их студентам успешнее подготовиться к экзаменам.